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THALLER Avocats advises you and defends your rights in the main following operations and disputes:

• building up and optimizing of your heritage (family real estate companies, financing of constructions and landscaping projects for renting activity)
• transferring of your heritage and your family company (life insurance, Dutreil’s pact)
• restructuring of your heritage (disposals, divisions);
• analyzing your financial debts and bringing your case to the excessive-debt commission,
• real estate litigation (provisional real estate sale agreement, property tax incentives, hidden defects),
• coownership situations and disputes between co-owners (managing of undivided properties, sale of undivided properties, judicial partition),
• disputes between bare-owners and beneficial owners (managing of properties, burden sharing),
• liquidating matrimonial property regimes litigation.


+33 1 88 61 39 06