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THALLER Avocats advises you at all stage of your business life cycle:

• determining the most appropriate legal structure and tax system for your business, from the startups to the structured groups,
• incorporation of any kind of companies and economic groupings,
• organizing the legal corporate life of your company,
• management package,
• intra-group agreements (cash pooling agreements, management fees),
• contracts and guarantees in connection with economic activity (general conditions, commercial lease, concession contracts, joint-venture agreements, guarantees, etc.),
• operations on the share capital,
• prior audit to acquisitions (due diligence),
• contracts for the purchase or the sale of a company (letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, provisional commitments to purchase or to sale, preferential pacts, business sale agreements, transfer control agreements, asset and liability guarantees),
• financing of the acquisition or the growth of a company (fundraising (private equity), financial leasing, mobilization of commercial credit claims),
• partial transfers of assets, mergers and demergers,
• takeover offers on firms in difficulty.



THALLER Avocats assists and defends you before all the civil, commercial and criminal jurisdictions and before the arbitration tribunals (domestic and international arbitration) in the main following disputes:

• commercial and banking litigations (contractual liability, commercial lease, unfair competition, termination of loan, enforcement of guarantees, banker’s liability),
• industrial liability (insurance, expert’s report, compensation),
• disputes between shareholders (undue use of majority powers, undue use of minority powers, performance of shareholders’ agreements),
• litigation relating to corporate resolutions (deferral, cancellation of shareholders’ meetings),
• removal from post, and civil and criminal liability of corporate directors (mismanagement, misuse of corporate assets),
• expert’s report on management,
• post-acquisition litigation (cancellation of the assignment, performance of the asset and liability guarantees).

We also assist you in mediation and conciliation contexts.


THALLER Avocats advises and support you throughout the various difficulties your company may face in order to help you to resolve it:

• preventative techniques meant to solve business difficulties (ad hoc mandate and conciliation proceedings),
• safeguard procedure if your company, despite not having gone into default of payment, faces difficulties that it is not able to overcome and safegard plan,
• insolvency procedure if your company has gone into default of payments but still has some economic recovery chances and recovery plan,
• liquidation procedure if your company has gone into default of payments and has no economic recovery chances,
• fill of claims, invalidity of the suspect period, recovery and restitution, proceedings against guarantors, merger of assets, sanction proceedings against managing directors for the repayment of liabilities, disqualifications from managing, personal bankruptcy, bankruptcy offense.

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