Litigation and Arbitration

THALLER Avocats experience in litigation and arbitration enables the firm to anticipate the disputes faced by companies and their managing directors and to act on their behalf in all disputes arising from collective procedures such as those:

  • before state, civil, commercial and criminal jurisdictions
  • regarding alternative forms of dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation, internal and international arbitration)

For each case it handles, THALLER Avocats employs the following tried and tested method:

  • objective determination of the chances of success and the risks incurred, taking into account the current state of positive law
  • systematic consideration of the possibility of an out-of-court settlement
  • devising and implementation of a strategy of defence or initiation of proceedings

THALLER Avocats practice focuses more specifically on the following types of litigation:

  • disputes between shareholders (undue use of majority powers, undue use of minority powers, performance of shareholders’ agreements, etc.)
  • litigation relating to corporate resolutions (deferral, cancellation of general assemblies, etc.)
  • removal from post, and civil and criminal liability of corporate directors (mismanagement, misuse of corporate assets, etc.)
  • expert’s report on management
  • post-acquisition litigation (annulment or cancellation of the assignment, performance of the asset and liability guarantee, etc.)
  • litigation relating to contractual liability (wrongful termination of contract, litigation regarding guarantees and securities, banking litigation, distribution law litigation, real estate litigation, commercial leases)
  • unfair competition
  • banking litigation
  • industrial liability (expert’s report, indemnification, etc.)
  • debt recovery