Corporate restructuring

THALLER Avocats carries out all types of restructuring transactions prior to collective procedures.

For each case it handles, THALLER Avocats proceeds with the following steps:

  • the identification of the causes and the purpose of the restructuring
  • a critical and comparative analysis of all the available options in order to adopt the most suitable solution
  • the setting of a timetable
  • the performance of the restructuring transaction

THALLER Avocats practice ranges from basic legal restructuring to complex economic restructuring such as:

  • change of corporate form
  • share capital transaction
  • change in shareholding
  • management restructuring
  • cash-flow and indebtedness (especially bank indebtedness) crises through various techniques (contributions, LBOs, LBIs, etc.)
  • investment financing
  • addition of new business activities
  • sale of business activities
  • discontinuation of business activities
  • creation of subsidiaries
  • spin-off of subsidiaries in difficulty

Firms in difficulty

THALLER Avocats expertise in crisis situations is well established.

THALLER Avocats provides a full range of services both to firms in difficulty (and their creditors) and to takeover entrepreneurs: